People always ask us why we don't publish triCityNews on our website. The answer is simple. We don't want to cannibalize our print product. We'll leave that to Jeffrey Dahmer. If you want to read news regarding Asbury Park visit one of our sister publications, Asbury Park Sun or The Anchor

Too many print publications today put their content online, free of charge and then wonder why their paper version went belly up. We understand that in the fast paced world of news, you must have an online presence to compete. But at triCityNews, we don't have to worry about keeping up with the media Jones'. That's because we create our own news. In fact, we like to refer to ourselves as a plog. All of what you see and read in triCity is 100% original to us. 

So if you want to read the wacky thoughts and opinions that come out of triCity each week then, well, you'll just have to get off your ass and pick up the latest edition. 

Plus we love the idea of forcing our readers to patronize the many small independent establishments that carry triCityNews. The romanticism of reading the news has been lost with the internet. Nothing beats the fit and feel of holding a newspaper in your hands and rolling it up in your back pocket for future consumption. 

Pick up a copy of triCityNews today on a newsstand nearest you. 

We don’t want to cannibalize our print product. We’ll leave that to Jeffrey Dahmer.